Slovenia, Maribor Prešernova ulica, “Jemčev vrt”

Architectural style: Brutalism
Location: Slovenia, Maribor, Prešernova ulica 10, 12, 14 and Razlagova ulica 9, 11
Architect: Borut Pečenko
Time of construction: 1972-1975

On the western side of the building there is a dissected aluminum sculpture by Janez Boljka (1931-2013) attached to a dark concrete base.
The sculpture was made in 1973 as part of the sculptural symposium Forma viva Maribor.
At this international sculptural event held in Maribor between 1967 and 1986, artists worked with concrete.
Boljka was the only one who chose a different material and his creation is the only one that is not placed on the ground but rather attached high up on the surface of a building, made of concrete.