Slovenia, Ljubljana, Trg republike square

Architectural style: Brutalism
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Address: Trg republike square
Architect: Edvard Ravnikar
Completed: 1974

Republic Square complex is the biggest project of a single architect in Ljubljana’s center. Edvard Ravnikar won first prize in 1960 competition. The original request was to make a monument memory for the revolution. It was planned as a new Slovenian political center with a square for mass meetings and two skyscrapers (26 floors each). The project is the result of nearly twenty years study of the urban area.

Trg republike square
With its modernist design by architect Edvard Ravnikar, Trg republike square is the symbolic heart of Slovenia’s statehood. The square is surrounded by the Slovenian parliament building, the futuristic triangular towers of the TR3 and Ljubljanska Banka buildings, with the Cankarjev Dom congress and cultural centre behind them, and the Maximarket department store.

Dzięki modernistycznemu projektowi architekta Edvarda Ravnikara plac Trg republike jest symbolicznym sercem słoweńskiej państwowości. Plac otacza budynek słoweńskiego parlamentu, futurystyczne trójkątne wieże budynków TR3 i Ljubljanska Banka, a za nimi centrum kongresowo-kulturalne Cankarjev Dom oraz dom handlowy Maximarket.

TR3, Trg republike 3

NLB Tower

TR3, Trg republike 3

It was on June 27, 1991, that a Slovene, Toni Mrlak, along with a Macedonian, Bojanče Sibinovski, two members of the Yugoslav People’s Army, were flying a helicopter to Vrnika with a delivery of bread for the soldiers who were stationed there. But the men never arrived, as their helicopter was hit by two Strela 2M anti-air missiles fired from a terrace on top of TR3.

Monument of Edvar Kardelj, by Draga Tršar

The Monument of the Revolution, by Draga Tršar